Anniversary Send Off (free verse)
On this day we celebrate
A send off to Paris
For an anniversary date
Kind of like a honeymoon
But 15 years late
And of course with a flower bouquet.

Anniversary Poem Autumn
The rain is cold
And the clouds are sent
The wind runs through
Im in your hold
Not a chill to be lent
Or a wet shoe to be sold.

Anniversary No Fool
Sometimes an Irishman
Sometimes a Yank
Sometimes a brat
Sometimes a spank
But always a romantic fool
Cuz I love you

Anniversary 1 (a quatrain)
These flowers here that I have bought
Attempt to say what I cannot
That day, to me, more dear than life
The day that you became my wife.

Anniversary 3 (a quatrain)
You are the center of my space
My sun of radiant glow
Tethered by some unknown force
Another year we go.

Journey (free verse)
"And they lived happily ever after"
Is a fairy tale ending
And that is not what I'm after
With you, it is all about the journey.

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