Say It with Flowers
The vacuum you bought me
Is trying to say
The house could be cleaner?
What's that, anyway?

That fancy new phone?
Bells and whistles galore
Technology whizbangs
Imply I'm a bore?

And that box of candy
Means I should be sweet?
The comfort I bring you
Is just my conceit?

If gifts are a message
Of thoughts, crystalline,
Just say it with flowers
I'll know what you mean.

Field of Roses
I would give you a fair "Field of Roses"
In an enclave where my heart encloses
Our own private space
Where the glimpse of your face
Plays the symphony my heart composes.

Romance and Flowers (a quatrain)
The daisies are your sunshine
The velvet rose, your skin
The orchid breathes the scent of you
That bids me come again.

For You, with Love (a quatrain)
I cannot fashion diadems
Nor add more earthly hours
The human lot these gifts condemn
But I can give you flowers.

Romance 1 (free verse)
You, the orchid, trembling, waiting
Me, the bee, on a fly-by
Buzzing nonchalantly, I turn to make another pass
Attracted by your scented nectar
Hoping to sip, but leery to approach
You shudder. Is it welcome or reproach?

Romantic Poems for Wedding Anniversary

Romantic Mission
I am on a mission
to bring back the word "thou"
and "thee" and "thy"
for "you" cannot measure
the length of our days together
the width of our hopes for each other
nor the depth of our love.

Our Lovely River
Let me halt the flow of time's river
to take a snapshot - a freeze-frame - if you will,
to see, hear, smell, taste and touch
this second with you
to carry in my heart to eternity.

Invitation 1 (iambic tetrameter)
There is a nest I'd like to share
I've feathered it with hope and care
Come nestle, then, beside me there.

Invitation 2 (free verse)
The bloom without the bee is sterile
The bee without the blossom perishes
It is the way of life
And I want to spend my life with you.

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